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XV Edition of the International Converting, Processing and Packaging Exhibition

19th to 22nd, 2019
at Corferias Bogota , Colombia


German company Bosch will participate in Andina Pack fair

  • 4.0. industry has earned notoriety thanks to its technological evolution, generated for the development of production equipment able to integrate value chains and digitalization of productive processes.
  • Bosch’s presence in Andina Pack has the objective of finding new allies in pharmaceutical sector in Andes, Central America and Caribbean region.

German company Bosch will participate in Andina Pack fair, which will be celebrated from November 7 to 10 in Corferias, with the objective of getting in the 4.0 industry through the creation of innovative solutions for pharmaceutical market with its “Pharma” division, one of the leading suppliers in processing technology and packaging solutions for the industry.

“We are developing many improvements in pharmaceutical industry with 4.0 technology in order to actualize our current equipment and our new machines according to the consumer’s special requirements for being more efficient and transparent. Besides, we are focusing of increasing the profitability of the processes, the quality of the products and the prevention of mistakes”, said Liziane Magalhaes, Bosch’s sales representative.

Currently, 4.0 industry is considered the “fourth industrial revolution” since the technological evolution generated for the development of equipment production able to integrate chains of value and digitalization of productive processes, allowing the integration of objects, information and people.

Concept “Pharma 4.0” is an extension of this industry thanks to the possibilities that gives in monitoring in real time of every pharmaceutical product’s cycle of life, since the supply chain until the final consumer, creating a better adaptation outlook according to the sector’s demands.

With its participation in Andina Pack, Bosch has as its main objective to show its offer in specialized products for pharmaceutical industry created by its division “Pharma” to bring this innovations closer to Andean, Central America and Caribbean region.

“We want to be close to our clients in the region, show our portfolio and achieve new alliances for being a potential partner when pharmaceutical companies search for a source to its entire production”, addedMagalhaes.

“Pharma” division will present in AndinaPack their integrated systems for the making and process of liquid and solid pharmaceutical products, besides new procedure technology for the making of primary packaging and inspection unities for different application fields and kinds of packaging.

“Bosch’s packaging division is one of the leaders in technology supply and is able to give to the region’s consumer trust in the production’s process and packaging of pharmaceutical products”, pointed Magalhaes.

With Bosch’s presence, besides other leaders in packaging sector, Andina Pack 2017 will show up again as the main fair in packaging technology in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Central America and the Caribbean.

About the fair
Robert Bosch GmbH or Bosch is a company founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. Currently, it counts with 264 production centers, 250 commercial delegations and 261.300 employees around the world, positioning as one of the leaders in packaging process and technologies.