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XV Edition of the International Converting, Processing and Packaging Exhibition

19th to 22nd, 2019
at Corferias Bogota , Colombia


Italy wants to strength its economy getting into Colombia’s food sector

  • Italy broke a XXI century record for registrating a growth of 9.6% in the sales of fruits and vegetables between January and April.

Food processing sector, mainly fruits and vegetables, have presented considerable growths in Italy during 2017’s first semester, which has led to take in count the potential of these products as revitalizers of its economy and as attractive for strategic partners with similar strengths and conditions, as Colombia.

This pursuit of key partners has led to the Italian enterprises of food to focus on Andina Pack fair, which 14th version will be celebrated from November 7 to 10 in Corferias, as an ideal space to create business alliances inside packaging sector of the Andean, Central America and Caribbean regions.

One of the strongest corporations in Italy’s food sector is Tropical Food Machinery (TFM), founded in 1993 with a subsidiary in Brazil since 1999, which brings to the fair its new Multifrute Line 1000, a 20 meters machine that includes different equipment able to cover all the technological cycle involved in fruits’ processing system, since the washing until the pulp obtaining.

According to numbers of the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE for its initials in Spanish), food and drinks sector pushed the growing of minor commerce’s sales in June 2017, when it presented a positive variation of 1.0% thanks to the annual rise of 5.2% in products like provisions and non-alcohol drinks.

For its part, Italy registered an important increase in this sector during the first trimester of 2017, when fruits and vegetables’ sales raised 9.6%, percentage that has contributed “the best numbers of the century”, according to information of the biggest association of representation and assistance of agricultures in Italy, Confederazione Nazionale Coltivatori Diretti (Coldiretti).

With this scenario, the advantage of producing food based on fruits and vegetables in great quantities is that the consume of these products has increased, as well as the pursuit of healthier food habits by Latin American public, which has shaped Italy´s value offer for Andina Pack.

“Consumers are migrating from an era of carbonated drinks to a healthier period where the consumption of juice and pulp has increased. In that sense, TFM can be the bridge between healthier habits and a quality product”, added TFM’s speaker, Celio Ferreira.

Following the success line of fruits in Italy, Officine di Cartigliano, company founded in 1961, focused its activities in production and projection of machines for the food industry patenting machinery destined to the pasteurization and sterilization of drinks and fruit cubes at low temperatures.

Products as the “Cartigliano Low Temperature Flash Sterilization” or HF tunnel, its main offer in Andina Pack, pasteurize and sterilize in a tube liquid, semi-liquid and highly viscous food in order to keep its nutritional wellnesses the most time possible.

“This process is done to obtain a product with organoleptic and nutritional qualities very similar to the fresh product, keeping its characteristics during a long time period”, assured the speaker of the company in Andina Pack, Guiseppe Battaglia.

With its presence in Andina Pack 2017, both companies want to be part of the Colombian market and its economic growth, helping to the food and drink industry, cooperative shops and local farmers to “add value in their products” and contribute to the growing that has taken place in the last months.