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Companies that produce, import, and sell any type of ingredient (additives, colorants, aromas, flavors) for the manufacturing of food, beverage and pharmaceuticals targeting the Latina American market. Companies that provide complemetary services: Cleaning and disinfection, microbiological analysis laboratories, Food grade lubricants, certifying companies, pathogen detection equipment, protection elements, cold storage, industrial floors.


Andina Ingredients, Food Safety

Ingredients, flavors, additives, colorants, food grade lubricants, pathogen detection equipment, cold rooms, industrial floors, microbiological analysis laboratories, protection elements, certifying companies, cleaning and disinfection.

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Daniel Leal Caicedo

Project manager

Phone: (57) 317 7674534

Catalina Peñuela Ocampo

Marketing manager

Phone: (57) 313 431 4176

Si su empresa se encuentra en Colombia:

María Elena Escamilla Valencia

Commercial Coordinator

Phone:+57 3102746341

Diego Alejandro Vargas

Commercial Coordinator

Phone:+57 312 420 9527

Ana Linda Garibello

Project Manager

Phone:+57 601 3810000 Ext. 5429

Si su compañía se encuentra en Norteamérica, Europa, Asia, África, México, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay o Bolivia:

Christian Guarin

Managing Director - Koelnmesse SAS

Alberto Almanza Venegas

Project & Sales Manager Food and Foodtech

Ana María Jiménez

Project & Sales Manager

Si su compañía se encuentra en los siguientes países de América Latina: Venezuela, Ecuador, Guayanas, Chile, Perú, Países del Caribe y Centro América excluyendo México:

Karem Guiza Ortegón

Commercial Coordinator

Información para adquirir entradas: teléfono 601 3810000 Ext. 5317


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