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XV Edition of the International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for the Food, Pharma and Cosmetic Industry


Los Andes University choses the 22 most innovative projects of Andina Pack 2017

  • Andina Pack’s 14th version will implement for the first time an innovation capsule created to stand out the most innovative products of its offer.
  • The chosen projects were subject to a curatorial process in which were selected the 22 most innovative ideas.

Bogotá, November 2017. The Innovation Center of Los Andes University (Innovandes) has become the main ally of Andina Pack 2017 in matter of innovation because its work team was the uncharged of choosing the most innovative proposals of the event, focused on the packaging sector of Andean, Central America and Caribbean regions.

For the very first time in its 30 years of trajectory, Andina Pack fair, which will be celebrated form November 7 to 10 in Corferias, will implement an innovation capsule where national and international enterprises that take part of the event are going to have the opportunity of showing their most innovative projects or processes focused on conduct to the new smart industry of packaging sector.

What we did was choose an evaluation rules that allowed us to have a better understanding of the way of boarding the innovation in corporations, as well as the capacity of generate added value with products and services that will show a different change in front of the sector”, said the director of Innovandes’ evaluation committee, Jorge Hernández.

Additionally, mentioned that the main objective of the evaluation committee, which was integrated for four academics of Los Andes, was not only find the project’s creativity, but also analyze what are their impact capacity, and above all, their business models and the innovations that can born of them.

The 22 projects that will be part of the innovation capsule were defined after being submitted to a curatorial process which evaluation statements were: originality, impact, relevance, cost-effectivity, sustainability in business models and market strategy.

Inside the chosen ones, Hernández and his work team remarked five projects (four Colombians and a North American) because of their impact as a product and, mainly, “for their capacity of creating impact in society”.

Among them are a smart package that counts with a chip that sends relevant information about the product, like temperature, mark protection and contamination risks; a biodegradable fag made with materials derivative of renewable resources as corn, sugar reed and wheat; as well as solutions for the construction of factory plants and clean areas with panel technology and modulate systems designed for an easy and quick installation.



“This capsule will allow that, year after year, corporations make their best efforts to bring the best products to the fair, so they can be in a space of distinction for the visitor, that is clearly its main focus to make business and to optimize its processes, products and machinery, which will allow them improve to the future”, said Andina Pack’s chief of project, Doris Chingaté.

This innovative projects can be found days before the fair through many videos inside the official website of Andina Pack, www.andinapack.com, to facilitate the access of all the interested of knowing deeply of what national and international enterprises do for working in their processes’ perfection.

At the same time, they will be exhibit during all the fair in an attractive space where all the visitors can find the project´s description and the innovative product itself.

On this way, the purpose of this new space is show to “the world, the Colombian economy and the business men” what is happening in innovation terms inside packaging sector, as well as carrying Andina Pack to form active part of this smart industry where all the enterprises of packaging sector in Andean, Central America and Caribbean regions want to be.