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XV Edition of the International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for the Food, Pharma and Cosmetic Industry


German company produces food serving containers with fallen palm leaves

Leef, a German company that produces packaging, containers and other items such as flip flops, from the palm leaves that are already on the ground, visits Andina Pack for the first time, the leading fair in the Latin American packaging and packaging sector.

The leaves, after being collected from the ground (never taken directly from the palm), are moistened with water and placed in a compressor machine to give it the desired shape, such as: plates, trays, cutlery, food holders and containers; which can be used several times for household purposes; however, if they are for commercial or industrial use it is suggested to use them only once.

When the product goes to waste it does not generate any negative impact against the environment, explains Claudio Fritz-Vietta, CEO of Leef: “Our products are like a leaf, if left in nature, it will be well received by it , since it is as if we borrowed a small part of it and returned it after a while. ”

Leef is made up of a passionate team motivated by the positive effect of its products in the world: “We cannot change society, but we can change the products it uses. The palm leaf offers aesthetics and sustainability without wasting resources and problems presented by other compostable materials. CO2 emissions from transport are compensated,” concludes Claudio.

About Andina Pack 2019

With more than 20 participating countries, the fifteenth edition of the Andina Pack fair returns to Corferias, the only commercial platform in Latin America, for training and experience in the packaging and packaging technologies sector, which year after year is consolidated as the ideal scenario so that investors and entrepreneurs find the best of the best within the  sector.

Doris Chingaté, project manager of the event, reveals that “in this new version we will have 530 exhibitors of which 53% are international, corresponding to delegations from countries such as Germany, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea, Canada , Chile, Spain, United States, Italy, Finland, France, Holland, India, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey and Venezuela. ”

During the four days of the fair, Andina Pack will have a large academic agenda that will be held at the Corferias Main Auditorium under the name of 'The Packaging & Processing Summit 2019' with the following themes: Regulatory Affairs, Safety, Packaging, Innovation and Materials  and Sustainability with the participation of national and international speakers.