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XV Edition of the International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for the Food, Pharma and Cosmetic Industry


47 days takes to biodegrade packages of a colombian company that will be in Andina Pack

In the fifteenth edition of Andina Pack, Phoenix Group will show visitors their Geo Pack line, which consists of making products out of PLA (polylactic acid), a thermoplastic made from renewable natural resources such as corn, sugar cane, wheat and beet, which takes up to 12 weeks to biodegrade.

According to the ASMT 64000 standard of compostability, a product is considered biodegradable when it decomposes into water biomass and gases in less than 2 months. PLA is a transparent and bright polymer that has been a sustainable alternative for Grupo Phoenix under its Geopack brand, for the elaboration of cutlery, straws and glasses. As they have a lower carbon footprint compared to other products such as polypropylene, they are 100% biodegradable compostable. In addition to its use, it can be treated as an organic residue, avoiding the felling of trees; it is resistant to high temperatures and refrigeration.

This is how the Geopack line of the Phoenix Group, has been working for more than 10 years to develop environmentally friendly production processes, committed to generate actions that positively impact the planet and the community. Taking into account that for biodegradable compostable packaging to degrade, appropriate conditions are necessary, for 10 years the Phoenix Group has been allied with one of the leading companies in composting processes located in Facatativa, Environmental Control of Colombia.

Since their products have a national level, during 2019 and to cover other areas of the country, they have the support for this process from the Environmental Management and Development (GDA), Medellin, and Organic of the Caribbean, in Barranquilla.

 Meet this company and others in the fifteenth edition of the Andina Pack fair, the only commercial, training and experience platform in the packaging and packaging technologies sector, which year after year it is consolidated as the ideal scenario for investors and entrepreneurs find the best of the sector, until November 22.